Texas Storm Recovery – Arlington Area Resources

Last week we had unprecedented freezing temperatures, causing many to lose power, heat and even water. While the temperatures are no longer an issue, many families are facing the aftermath of broken water pipes, no running water and potentially contaminated water.

Many organizations throughout Texas and beyond are providing resources to help families recover. Calvary Church in Fort Worth distributed 8,700 gallons of water to families in the community. Many Texas counties have been declared as disaster areas, making residents eligible for various resources through FEMA.

The City of Arlington has also shared storm recovery resources, which they will continue to update online at https://arlingtontx.gov/storm_recovery. We’ve included their infographic below.

The charities listed in the Arlington flyer are extremely helpful throughout the year. Here a few quick links:

We hope this helps and pray that families get the assistance needed to recover successfully.

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