On-site Childcare Program

Grace provides on-site childcare, so moms can fully engage in workshops and self-care activities.

Designed for children ages 3-10, our program provides a safe space for children to have fun participating in age-appropriate activities.

*First come, first served. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for children to attend?

Our program is open to children, ages 3-10, who are also potty-trained and able to use the restroom independently.

What are the qualifications and experience of the childcare staff?

Our volunteers have a passion for children. All of our childcare volunteers undergo background checks and have adequate experience working with children.

Is the program licensed and accredited by relevant authorities?

The Texas Department of Health & Human Services has approved our program. Our on-site childcare program does not require a certification or accreditation.

Are there options for additional services such as before or after-school care?

No, our on-site childcare program is only available for specific events and requires that the parent/guardian is a participant in said event. Parent/guardian must remain on the premises at all times.