Our Founder

I’m a wife, a mom of 3, a business owner and I have a lot of ideas. I like to dance, I like to paint. I like to go to the spa and get lost for a day. I like to travel. I like to volunteer. But it seems as though, the older I got, the more responsibilities I developed and the more I put my needs on the backburner The truth is I love being a mom and wife. My family comes first in nearly everything I do, but I still get tired. I still get stressed. I still become overwhelmed. Whenever I got to that point, when I just couldn’t “go” anymore, I’d take a day, have my husband watch the kids and disappear to the spa or an antique store or just sleep.

One day, it just clicked. The reality is that I shouldn’t wait until I feel burnt out to take a moment for myself. I should at the very least, do something I want to do, just because and not feel guilty. Eleanor Brown says it best,

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

If I’m rundown and tired and depleted, I have very little to my children, my husband, my job. But with mental, physical and spiritual rest and restoration, I can give them my best.

After lots of prayer, asking God to lead me and show me my path and my next stage in life. Grace was formed. Literally it was an idea that came from nowhere and it kept growing. I couldn’t stop thinking about how many women need a moment. How many women need to be in the presence of other women experiencing the same things in life. The ideas kept flowing, and here we are. I pray that through Grace, women are reminded of God’s grace. What He has instilled in us. How He’s with us. How He strengthens us. With God, we can do anything. The opportunities are endless. So Grace serves as that reminder.